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Choose your delivery date

Posted by Tom on

It's now possible to pick a delivery date during checkout. If you ever bought flowers online you might be familiar with how this works. Online flower companies are intimately familiar with the importance of hitting your desired delivery date. Rather than ask what shipping method you want, they simply ask when you need the flowers to arrive. In the background, they pick the optimal ship method for you and, if necessary, hit you with a rush charge.

In our opinion, your custom stickers should be on equal footing with flowers for that special someone. So, starting today, you can pick a delivery date during checkout and there's a rush option too. In the background, we pick the ship method for you and if you want rush production we charge an extra $50.00. Here's a quick example:

Say you're planning an event for Wednesday, December 22nd and you want 500 custom stickers to hand out to attendees. If you order today, you'll see four delivery options:

December 23 (Thursday) +$0.00 for 10 day production & UPS Ground

December 20 (Monday) +$16.60 for 10 day production & UPS Second Day Air

December 17 (Friday) +$25.82 for 10 day production & UPS Next Day Air

December 13 (Monday) +$75.82 for 5 day production & UPS Next Day Air

While our free shipping option might not meet your date, for an extra $16.60 you can have them delivered by Monday, December 20th. ;-)

We're super excited about this improvement to our ordering experience, but this is only our first attempt to tackle a difficult problem. Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated. Leave a comment or tweet @stickermule.

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