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This sauce is the real boss!

Mike Nehme

This stuff is amazing. I was hooked immediately it was so tasty. It's a shame it costs 8$ per bottle, I would've continued buying.

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Great quality

Dani Grave

Great quality keyrings. Can’t fault them on that front. Disappointed with the colours. Had thought it was the protective film making the colours appear faded but it wasn’t. The artwork is a bright piece, the keyrings have printed as a pastel range instead. Almost like long term exposure to sun rays, it has that kind of hue to it. I have checked files to see if it was something my end, I know th... Read more

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Mara Vellone

Arrivati velocemente, sono bellissimi e di ottima qualità!

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Jeff DiMarco

Wow is this some tasty stuff. Maybe it wasn't my favorite at first taste, but literally grew on me in days and now there's a few drops left lol.

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Best Hot Sauce Ever!

Zoe Sowa

Love this hot sauce! Got a free bottle with a sticker order and love it so much I just ordered 6 bottles. Love it and use it on everything! So good!

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Surprisingly a really good hot sauce

Joe Conte

I was a little on the fence to try a hot sauce that came from a sticker company, but this is really good! After seeing that it had 3 of the hottest peppers in the world, I was expecting more a punch. It could use some more heat, but I love that it has a tomato base instead of a vinegar one like most hot sauces. A little sweetness blends very well with the moderate heat. It was a nice free gift ... Read more

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