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How Roman Pizza uses Mule Sauce

Posted by Deanna Fox on

We asked Roman Pizza #HowDoYouMuleSauce - this is how they answered.

Pizza is the perfect partner for Mule Sauce. Try it on a classic white pizza with broccoli or add some snappy flavor to a cheese or Margherita pie. 

Mule Sauce packets are just the right serving size for your slice-to-go. Need more to dip your crust? Opt for a bottle of Mule Sauce to make a pool of hot, sweet flavor.

We want YOU to tell us #HowDoYouMuleSauce. Post a photo or video of your favorite way to use Mule Sauce on social media, and don’t forget to add the hashtag #HowDoYouMuleSauce and tag @StickerMule in your post.

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