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How to create a glitter sticker for your phone

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You can't change our mind: custom stickers are the best way to customize your phone.

custom glitter stickers for your phone

And if you're in the mood for adding a dash of spring glee and glitter to your phone, we have some good news - we make some of the finest custom glitter stickers you can print on the internet too!

So how do you make the best and glitteriest stickers for your phone? Let's take a look now at how to use Sticker Mule's Studio tool (ready with sticker templates) to create these fun & shiny stickers in no time - it's quick and easy!

Why choose glitter stickers for your cell phone?

Now, you could, of course, customize your phone with a new and different (perhaps even glittery) phone cover. But our preferred method — no surprise here — is to use custom stickers.

That's because stickers have obvious advantages when it comes to customization:

  • They’re super affordable. Especially compared to the cost of a new, quality case.
  • They’re easy to apply and replace. You can stick, remove, and repeat as often as you’d like.
  • They’re durable and ready to take a beating. Our quality stickers are made of durable vinyl that is scratch-proof, waterproof, dust- and sunlight-proof. Death proof. You name it.

To top it off, there's something unique and whimsical about a well-designed glitter sticker, with its shimmering iridescence and rainbow palette. It's a dazzling way to showcase a friendly, light-hearted, doesn't-take-themselves-seriously type of personality.

And, of course, it adds the perfect little sprinkling of extra cheer on your personal device.

How to design your glitter sticker with Sticker Mule's Studio

A design is only as good as the creative mind behind it — and the tools used for the job. Now, you take care of the creativity part, while we provide a canvas for your imagination — in this case, our own browser-based design tool, Sticker Mule's Studio.

Studio was made to make life easier for our customers. To use it:

  1. Access stickermule.com/studio
  2. Create an account or log in to your Sticker Mule account. This step is optional, but it does have the benefit of saving your work automatically to your account.
  3. Use one of our ready-made design templates as a starting point (like our custom sticker templates), or start from scratch.
  4. Add photos, text, shapes, colors, and any other design elements you’d like!
  5. Love the result? Download your masterpiece in a variety of available formats, and use the file to place an order for glitter stickers.

Designing your glitter sticker

custom phone glitter sticker of a mermaid

Designing stickers is its own type of art form. If this is your first time doing so, a good place to start is Hayden Aube's video tutorial for Sticker Mule.

A few things to keep in mind as you design a glitter sticker for your phone:

  • Start with a template that includes larger text. Ideally, people shouldn’t need Sherlock Holmes’ magnifying glass to read what your sticker says.
  • Remember, a template is a suggestion to help get ideas flowing. You can still customize any aspect of the template with your own images, text, and icons to shape your unique style.
  • Some colors naturally lend themselves better to the iridescent shine of glitter stickers. Check out how we'll set up your custom glitter stickers, to help when picking your colors and background.

Of course, once your order is placed, we’ll send an online proof of your artwork as a glitter sticker, so you can make sure it looks exactly the way you want it!

Caring for your glitter sticker and cell phone

Our stickers are made to last, but here are some things you can do to make the most of them:

  • Make sure to clean your phone with a microfiber cloth before applying the sticker. The application area should also be perfectly dry.
  • Apply with a slow, but firm motion, smoothing out any air bubbles for a clean and neat look.
  • When cleaning your sticker, use a microfiber cloth and avoid rubbing excessively. If any dirt accumulates on the sticker, clean it with a slightly damp cloth. This will help keep your sticker sparkling for a long time.
  • When removing or replacing your sticker, remember to avoid using anything sharp or abrasive. If the sticker leaves a residue, a little warm water or rubbing alcohol should suffice, but there's no lack of other available options.

In a few words

Besides looking delightful on your phone or phone cover, glitter stickers can also be a lot of fun to design. Don't believe us? Check out Sticker Mule's Studio and see for yourself — you'll find there's no better way to explore your creativity and personalize your favorite device.

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