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How to sell custom printed products online

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Sticker Mule makes it easy to buy custom printed products. But did you know you can also sell your custom printed products online and it's really easy?

With commissions, you get a 5-10% cut every time a new customer orders a product from your public profile. Then you continue to get a 5-10% cut on every order that person makes for the next year.

How to enable commissions

Before you can start earning money, you must enroll in the commissions program. This requires a valid U.S. ID and only takes a couple of minutes.

Once your account is approved and verified, you can begin making money selling custom printed products using your public profile.

How to set up your public profile

While logged in to your Sticker Mule account, click “Profile” from the dropdown menu.

Click “Edit profile” to update your profile and banner image. You can also change your display name, your public URL, and add a link to your website.

edit profile to enable commissions to sell custom products online

To start selling items from your profile, click the “Add item” button. Here, you’ll see any of the items you’ve previously ordered with Sticker Mule. Hover over any item you want to add and click “Add item”. You can give it a custom name, then click “Save & List”. The item will now show up on your public profile for anyone else to order.

add custom printed products to your affiliate store on sticker mule

Tips for promoting your products

With commissions enabled and your profile set up, you’re ready to share your profile and your products with your followers.

Share your profile

When new users visit your profile, they’ll also see a “Sign up” button. Whether they use that button or order an item from your profile, you’ll get credited and earn 5-10% on every order they place for the next year.

sign up for commissions the best affiliate program to sell custom products online

Share your products

You can also link directly to specific products. Hover over the product you want to share, then from the “Show options” menu click “Share”. You can copy the link URL and use it wherever you want. Once again, you’ll be credited for any new users that use the link, and you’ll earn commissions.

Start earning today

With commissions from Sticker Mule it’s easy to earn passive income online by sharing the products you already love.

You make the designs, we’ll handle the printing, shipping, and fulfillment – and pay you too!

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