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Reopening businesses: signs and stickers essentials

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All around the world, businesses are reopening. And while redecorating the office or the restaurant may be the last thing on people’s minds, there is one minor addition that most workplaces should have once they open - safety reminders!

Posters and announcements on social distancing and hand washing should be plastered not just inside bathrooms but in public areas in places of business. This is not just applicable to businesses that deal with customers but also for private offices. As part of the “new normal”, we can expect that these signs will be a usual fixture in our workplaces.

If you don’t know where to start, who better than us at Sticker Mule to show you how to do it right…

Which businesses can benefit from social distancing stickers?

Did you know that there are countries where putting up these safety and hygiene signs are mandatory? Even if it is not required in your state, your business may still benefit from it in the context of the “new normal”.

Aside from hospitals and medical facilities, here are other business establishments that can benefit from having safety reminders:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Retail
  • Factories
  • Construction sites
  • Condominium buildings or apartments
  • Schools
  • Grocery stores
  • Private offices

What are the essential safety stickers for reopening businesses?

So what should these reminders say? Here are some sample stickers that you can use for your business:

Social distancing

  • Staying away at least 1 meter or six feet apart
  • Minimizing contact among one another

Wash your hands

  • Reminders to properly wash your hands
  • Singing “happy birthday” while washing hands
  • Using soap and water to wash your hands
  • If your business has a disinfecting station, then reminders to maximize its use

Wearing a mask

  • The proper way of wearing a mask
  • How to correctly dispose of masks
  • How to clean masks

Hygiene and cleanliness

  • Remember to disinfect your area or place of work
  • Avoid touching your: Eyes, Nose, Mouth
  • Wearing sanitized uniforms and other tools used in your business

Social Distancing Floor Sticker

Want to check out more examples? Take a look at our page on social distancing stickers.

Why is it better to use stickers for your safety signs?

You may think, why not just print these signs on paper? While that may sound practical now, there are also some advantages for using stickers, magnets, and other things made from more durable materials:

  • Paper can get damaged right away: It can get wet or torn. This is applicable to businesses where customers could come into contact with signs, therefore, exposing the signs to wear and tear.
  • You can customize your signs and give it a personal touch: Downloadable posters from the internet may look formal but they can be too generic as well. With stickers, you can create your own design too, and make them stand out!
  • Stickers are easily removable after its use: Contrary to popular belief, there are types of stickers that won’t damage your wall and you can also peel them off easily. You may also read our guide on how to remove sticker residue.
  • Some types of stickers are reusable so there’s less waste too: There are types of stickers like static clings that are reusable. The advantage of these types of stickers is that you can reuse them. If you want to move them from one area to another, that can easily be done.

What kind of safety stickers should you use when reopening your business?

Did you know that there are different types of stickers to choose from? Not all stickers are created alike so here’s a quick guide on the different type of stickers you may use for your business:

  • Front adhesive stickers: These are perfect for front-facing glass or storefronts.
  • Static clings: They can hold onto glass surfaces without any adhesive. They are also reusable and you can transfer them from surface to surface.
  • Wall decals: If you want something bigger that can take a lot of space on your wall, your best bet are decals. They are made from self-adhesive fabric that is easily removable too!
  • Magnets: Your office pantry or restaurant fridge can also be a place where you can put these reminders with customizable magnets!
  • Coasters: Safety reminders don’t just belong on walls or mirrors. Be a little creative and put them on custom coasters too. You can print these out and put them in your office cafeteria or tables in your cafe or restaurant.

Social Distancing Floor Mat

Safety checklist when reopening your business

Hold your mules! Before you reopen your office or place of business, make sure that it is safe, clean, and follows the rules set up by your local and national government.

  • Permits: Do you have the necessary permits to reopen your business?
  • Safety signs and stickers - There are states and counties requiring businesses to have these reminders posted around the work area or public spaces.
  • Disinfectant both for employees and customers: Entrances of shops, grocery stores have disinfectant stations so that anyone entering is extra clean.
  • Masks and gloves: If your business is the type where it is inevitable for customers to touch items around the store, you may also provide them complimentary masks and gloves at the entrance.
  • Contactless payment machines: Minimizing contact by having contactless payment stations.
  • Online booking forms: You can control the number of people in your establishment if they can book ahead of time. Make sure to offer your customers the option to reserve tables or slots on your website or social media pages.

Tips for reopening businesses

You may not feel so confident about reopening but don’t fret. Bear in mind these handy tips when you’re ready to open again:

  • Plan for different scenarios: Be prepared on how COVID will play out in your area and how it can affect your business. Follow the news and be on top of announcements about business regulations in your city.
  • Put people first: Needless to say, people’s safety comes first. Plan your work and operations around people’s safety and security.
  • Redesign your workspace: Because of social distancing rules, cubicles and tables may need to be spaced out. Make sure to implement rules in public or communal areas too. This is where those safety reminder stickers can come in handy!
  • Adjust break room rules: You may need to limit the number of people inside the canteen or break room. People’s lunchtimes can also be scheduled so they can be spaced out.

The “new normal” is making everyone reconsider how their place of business works but what’s important is that we put people first. And we can do that by working together and reminding everyone of what they need to do… with the help of safety and social distancing stickers, of course!

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