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Sticker back printing vs. kiss cut stickers

Posted by Jeremy Wick on

We heard you wanted more space on your stickers – somewhere to put social tags, coupons, website, and contact details. Traditionally, this would require back printing.

But did you know you can achieve the same goal with kiss cut stickers? Kiss cut stickers typically have a rectangular backing around the design that's bigger than the sticker, which can be printed on.

Hey, we don’t want to be accused of being biased so in the interest of fairness, we’ll discuss both options.

What is a back print on a sticker?

A back print is when the other side of a sticker sheet is maximized to include details such as company information or instructions on how to use the sticker.

However, since these pieces of information are printed on the back of stickers, not many people pay attention to it. Worse, they are simply thrown away once the sticker has been used.

How do you print on the back of a sticker paper?

Though this is technically possible, printing on the back of sticker papers can be a bit messy. For example, when you get your sticker sheets and you try to manually print on the back of it using an ordinary printer, there is a possibility that your printer can jam or that the ink can also smudge on the sticker side, ruining your design.

How do you use a kiss cut sticker?

Though some people may argue that less is more, with stickers, you are wasting space that has so much potential! Use a kiss cut sticker to promote your brand or cause! The extra space in your kiss cut sticker can be used for informational purposes too.

Since it’s also part of the sticker, the information printed on these can be used and stuck on surfaces too, unlike back prints!

What can you print on a kiss cut sticker?

Use the remaining space on your sticker to print your company information or other promotional details.

  • Coupons or discount codes
  • Product specifications or additional information
  • QR code that will lead your customers to your website or a specific landing page
  • Company contact details such as phone number, address, etc.
  • Your company’s social media accounts
  • Reminder about an upcoming event or sale
  • Instructions to subscribe or be part of your community

Why kiss cut sticker is better than back print stickers

Kiss cut stickers are a superior alternative to back printing for a few reasons:

Better visibility

It is counterintuitive to put vital information where people are least likely to see it. Kiss cut stickers display your extra information right next to the sticker itself.

More printing options

Back printing is typically limited to black and white, and confined to the shape of the sticker. The backing on kiss cut stickers can be printed in full color and full bleed and isn’t dependant on the shape of the sticker.

Lower cost

Since back printing adds an extra step to the manufacturing process, there is typically a ~20% surcharge. The manufacturing process for kiss cut stickers is similar to standard die cut stickers and so the price is nearly identical.

Overall, the kiss cut design is a better choice for creative professionals.

How to make kiss cut stickers at home and without a machine?

The good news is you can make kiss cut stickers without the aid of a machine! And you can do it here on the Sticker Mule website!

Step 1: Create your design

Here’s your chance to let your brand shine by maximizing the space around your kiss cut sticker! Make sure not to overdo it and allow some “breathing space” in your design. Don’t put items too close to the edges too!

Step 2: Upload your kiss cut sticker design

Go to Sticker Mule’s kiss cut product page and upload your design.

Step 3: Order your kiss cut sticker

Choose the size, quantity, and order a proof of your design. You can do some modifications if you’re not completely satisfied with it but once you are, your order will be shipped to you!

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