poor colour quality

Dark Core

after initial contrast problems, the sticker mule graphics team allegedly raised the brightness and saturation to try to match the original design more closely. however, the result was almost identical, which merely says to me that there is a lack of colour quality or the paper is simply too poor quality to reflect the contrast needed to show a range of colours (for a painting/image with many values). if you want to buy these flyers, make sure your design is purely graphic, not painterly, with high contrast colours and shapes. otherwise, it will look noisy/grainy, muddy/desaturated, dark/low-contrast. the paper is also very thin and somewhat translucent. definitely not poster quality. very cheap quality, not even worth the $8 I paid for it during a time sale. will not buy again. 2 stars for the graphics team doing their best to fix the issue at hand. I really do appreciate that effort and generosity.