Great quality!

Tru Wilder

I love the quality of my flyers. They are thin enough that you know they are just flyers, but not so much that they feel flimsy or like a simple sheet of looseleaf paper. The colors look great and crisp, which make all of my graphics and wording look awesome and easy to see. The only thing I wish is that the flyers were transported with a bit more care and protection. My 8.5"x11" flyers were sent in a regular mailer envelope, so some of them were bent around the corners. I also ordered 11"x17" flyers that were sent separately in a big box with bubble wrap, but all the bubble wrap was just placed on top of the flyers instead of wrapped around them, so those hit up against the edges of the box and also got a bit dinged at the corners. Other than the not-so-great protection in shipping (which should def be improved), I like the quality of the paper and printing of such vibrant colors.


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