Free shipping in 4 days

Free shipping in 4 days

Get your gummed paper tape fast with 4 day turnaround and free shipping.

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Reinforced kraft paper

Reinforced kraft paper

Our tape is made from reinforced kraft paper to provide optimal security for your shipments.

Eco-friendly & recyclable

Eco-friendly & recyclable

Our tape is made from a kraft paper to make recycling your boxes easier.


Sealed with a brand

Just switching from ordinary tan or clear packing tape to your original design will give your packages of any size a completely new look. Upload your tape design to Sticker Mule and in a few hours, we’ll send back of proof of how your gummed paper tape will look.

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Package Tape


I received my package days before the expected delivery date. It is exactly the way the picture was that was sent. I love it. Will be ordering more things soon!

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Made me feel so legit!

Emma Julien

This was really fun to use for sending out packages- made me feel BIG TIME even though I am really, really, small time. ;) It's easy to use, and dries quickly. It feels more secure than plastic packing tape.

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packing tape

Billi-Jo Conroy

i love it!!!

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Not only were they fast at a proof, the production blew me away. The shipping was fast and it is easy to use. They even included a sponge for application!

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Cost Efficient Way for Great Branding

Maggie French

Love this tape. It works great. Really elevates the quality of the packages I'm sending. And it just looks fun. LOVEEEE.

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