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Embalaje de calidad. Breve tiempo de producción.

Ya no es necesario esperar más para obtener grandes embalajes. Con Sticker Mule lo ayudaremos a crear rápidamente un embalaje personalizado de primera calidad.

Cargue su logotipo o diseño y le enviaremos una prueba en línea sin cargo para que usted vea cómo imprimiremos su embalaje personalizado. Cada pedido se envía en no más de 4 días, de modo que usted podrá crear una experiencia personalizada para cada pedido y envío.

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15 days and my order does not arrive

Please send me a back order to start working a long delay for a new client I have waited for this replacement more than 15 days

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It was perfect!

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It's LEGIT perfect. Couldn't be any more pleased with everything! Got proofs minutes after placing my order. Wish they offered more products!

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I like the tape itself. I’ve used paper tape before, so I knew what I was getting in to. The design process was a bit of a challenge. This order was the second go around for an order I received that did not live up to my expectations. I’m still not 100% happy, but I’ll deal with what I received and IF I order again, I’ll know to change my design to suit the printing process (hint: don’t use... Más información

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I absolutely LOVE this custom packaging tape! Can’t wait for my custom boxes to arrive so I can use it and start shipping everything out!

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Really cute!

Good quality! Will make my boxes look way better!!

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