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Muy buena calidad

Calidad de la impresión muy buena. El posavasos tiene buen grosor, aguantará más tiempo de uso. Muy recomendables.

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It sure does kick a$$!

Best tasting hot sauce I’ve had in a while!

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I love spicy food, and this hot sauce is pretty good!

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Great stuff!

Goes well with a variety of flavors. Good on burritos, chicken, and ramen. Don't let the first bite fool you, it has an after burn. Give it a try!

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Would (and do) recommend

I was excited to grab a bottle of this sauce for the sheer novelty of trying Sticker Mule hot sauce and I tried it cautiously at first, but ended up dumping the stuff all over my breakfast. And I'll do it again.

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I slapped my Mama

This so is so good, it made me slap my Momma!

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