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  • By. Kasimp

    Hello to whom it may concern, I have just received an order that does not belong to me. I am extremely disappointed with your company. I ordered 10 stickers of 3'' and I received 2'' stickers. Besides, that's not the image I sent you. Is there someone who takes care of checking the orders, because there has been a huge lack on your part and your company. I would like to be reimbursed or that you s...

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  • Catherine Plante

    Super facile de faire la commande et le résultat est super chouette. Les promos valent vraiment la peine. Merci beaucoup !

  • JR
    Jean-Simon Roy

    Hi, the design and quality are perfect ! Also I really liked to experience on your websitw, but I am a bit disapointed because I expect taht the stciker will be glossy ( shinny on top) and it is matte finish. I had apreciate to get this information before to make the order. Can you make it with shinny finish? ThankS JSR

  • GS
    Greg Stahley

    Everything with the ordering and proofing process was smooth. Item shipped quickly and arrived in good condition. My only complaint is that it is a little difficult to separate the sticker from the liner. I was hoping for a crack-n-peel on the back. Otherwise great product. I would order again.

  • JS
    JD Schein

    What more is there to say? Don't forget that People love stickers even more when they're crack-backed for easy peeling! High quality vinyl doesn't scratch when applied and is slooowww to fade over time. WILL DEFINITELY ORDER LOTS MORE OF THESE!

  • Sonya Pennel

    As always, excellent service and a great looking product!

  • NT
    Nathan Tregger

    This sticker came out even better than I imagined. Sticker Mule Rules!

  • J

    These vinyl stickers went above and beyond my expectations. The quality is fantastic, and the service was so fast. We received the order a full week in advance. Thank you!

  • AD
    Abril Diaz

    arrived on time as expected