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  • Cameron Kalani

    Great quality stickers that ship reasonably quick!

  • Iguana Shield

    The sticker had very thin lines but they printed clearly on a thick, quality sticker for my event!

  • Jennifer Rodriguez

    I was so excited to see how clear the design was printed and the thick clear vinyl of the stickers. I thought they were going to be thin, but I've enjoyed great products from sticker mule in the past so I was delighted with the product.

  • CB
    Chamir Bonano


  • Eric Seuffert

    Great quality and fast delivery.

  • Joe Diggs

    I had ordered these stickers before the Co founder Mr Constantino came out with his political statement concerning the attempted assassination attempt of Former President Trump. I too was disturbed by the event, however, I have my own opinions on Former President Trump, his own use of violent political rhetoric and how it has contributed to the current political climate. I would like to be able to...

  • S

    Came out perfect!

  • JB
    Jim Bernard

    Ordered right before the whole politics thing. Turns out the person I was working with was very upset by the dust up. Ended up being embarrassed in front of friends about something that should have been easy and fun. Don't really care about your politics one way or the other, but I regret buying because it got political. Will find a-political vendor for future work.

  • AE
    Arati Elizabeth

    Once again, thank you!!!

  • Corn Fed Life

    My wife and I each run YouTube channels and we use Sticker Mule often for stocking up on merch and goodies to give out to our viewers. Their products are high quality and they are constantly offering excellent deals!