57mm 円形缶バッジ のレビュー

  • 4.7 / 5

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  • 93%


  • Sam Rascoe

    I know I had a choice of pin orientation, but was misled by its location in the proof. It appears as it should be, but was delivered with random locations. My fault for assuming the proof included the pin location. Next time I will know to specify it. In the meantime, I would suggest you not include a picture of the back in your proofs.

  • ComunicANDO con ILUSIÓN

    Calidad,, precio y entrega PERFECTA

  • Helleana Grussu

    i colori reali sono molto più chiari di quelli a video

  • Teri Ashmore

    The buttons are perfect, vibrant, the colors are exactly what I submitted!

  • Vioncent


  • michelle nusinov

    Buttons came out just as they looked. Very pleased. This was my second button order. Excellent job.

  • Frédéric Pelletier

    J'ai cherché longtemps sur le web pour trouver un fournisseur de macarons personnalisés à prix raisonnable et je suis très content d'avoir découvert Stickermule. Les macarons sont arrivés 2 jours avant la date prévue et il y avait même quelques macarons de surplus dans la boite et ils sont solides. En plus, il y avait des petits cadeaux inclus avec ma commande.

  • Marco Reckmann

    Everything was really good. Will order again! :-)

  • Naresh Sharma

    We were in a time crunch to have some nice buttons for our presence at a show this year. Sticker Mule gave us high-quality products at a competitive price and reliable delivery to our facility within the time frame that they promised. Couldn't be happier!

  • Zarai

    The design looks great and the product quality and pricing are great! However, this is the 2nd batch of buttons I order where the majority of them have the backside pressed on upside down and/or crooked. Making it difficult to put on quickly and easily because it has to be put on at an angle or completely opposite of how it's supposed to be put on.