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    Hice un pedido de 200 stickers holográficos y la mitad vienen con defecto de fábrica ya que cuenta con una enorme linea marcada de borde a borde a la mitad de todos los 100 stickers


    Excelentes materiales y colores

  • Kelsey Gaylord

    Never fails Stickermule always gets it right!

  • Darby Wilcox

    These stickers turned out better than I could have envisioned!

  • mario prim de stefani

    qualità ottima, effetto holographic super

  • Steven Gottlieb

    Sticker Mule simply provides the best products. Been using them for a while now. A+ service

  • Cori

    stickermule is easy to use, offer great deals weekly, and i always know the stickers are going to be quality.

  • Marion BOLLACHE

    L'impression est parfaite et le stickers de qualité. Je suis très satisfaite et je recommande !

  • Tarakay Edner

    What's so cool about these stickers is that because they are die cut the illusion of Andy jumping in the air on his skateboard is enhanced. These stickers are a fan favorite and youngsters go wild over them! Thanks for being an excellent company conduct business with. Rock on Sticker Mule!

  • ORSM

    Sticker looks great only bad point is on the sharp internal radius the cutter must pinch the material and due to its high reflectivity it becomes very prominent and warps and slightly raises the sticker. The hologram finish exaggerates the pinched corners and doesn't look so great.