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Remove the background from any image with Trace

Posted by Olga Lioudvinevitch on

Using Trace - our photo background remover - requires absolutely no design experience. Upload your image and count to 5 while the technology automatically removes the background.

How to remove background without Photoshop

Trace was inspired by hundreds of creators who wanted to do more with their favorite photos.

The tool cuts out the subject (pet, car, beloved relative) and puts it on a transparent background. Download the image for free or use it for custom stickers, magnets, coasters and more.

Even for an experienced designer, it can take 10 minutes to erase a background in Photoshop — now anyone can do it in less than 10 seconds.

What are the new features of Trace?

Trace 2.0 has officially been released and like the OG Trace you know and love, it’s decked with features that will continue to make your work easier!

Trace multiple images on one canvas

Now, you can remove the backgrounds of up to five images on just one canvas! This means you can include multiple photos in one cool collage!

Upload a custom background image, or search images from Unsplash

Before, you could just remove the backgrounds using Trace. Now, after removing the background, you can replace it with a solid color or another background!

There are lots of background options to choose from. Upload your own custom image, or search the built-in Unsplash library, featuring over 2 million inspiring images that are free to use for your new backdrop.

Select traced images to move, scale, and rotate

With the new and improved Trace, you can also move your images. After the background has been removed, you can resize the object or reposition it. You can even rotate it as you like to fit in your new background!

Crop your traced images

Say you have an image that you want the background removed but you also want to remove a part of the main subject. (Maybe it’s a group photo and you only want to retain yourself on the edited image!) With Trace 2.0, you can also crop out other elements in your photo!

How to use Trace: A guide

Want to know how to remove background without the use of Photoshop and other editing software? Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Create and log into your account

Use your email to create an account or if you’re already logged into your Gmail account, just connect it to this page.

Step 2: Click the “Upload a photo ” button

Once you click the photo, Trace automatically removes your background! The next thing you’ll see is your photo with the background removed!

Step 3: Customize your background or just download it

If you just want to remove the background, go ahead and click that download button! And yes, you get the image for free!

However, if you want to customize the background with a plain color or other patterns, feel free to choose from the templates. You may also upload your own background.

What else can you do with Trace 2.0?

If those new functionalities aren’t cool enough, you can also convert your new image into a keepsake! After downloading your new photo (for free!), you can also turn this piece of artwork into a sticker, a coaster, a magnet, a poly mailer packaging, or even as buttons!

This is a perfect gift or giveaway for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions!

Sounds simple, right? Are you ready to get started?

Did we mention it's free?

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