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Staying safe

Posted by Anthony Constantino on

All bad things come to an end. We will continue investing and improving until this meets its end too. It’s frustrating that aspects of the outbreak are outside of our control. The good news is we already naturally do a lot of things right to protect our staff. Specifically:

  1. Our factories are in quiet, uncongested and rural towns where “social distancing” is natural.
  2. We already overbuy floorspace to maintain a comfortable factory environment and expanded spacing to keep people further distanced.
  3. We have stringent cleanliness standards and regularly disinfect the workplace. Last week, we trained all staff to disinfect their workplace at more frequent intervals.

Additionally, we increased paid leave for all factory employees so everyone can comfortably stay home when sick and still get paid.

Outside the factory, Sticker Mule has been a remote company from day one. Going remote is a recommended action that many companies are just now taking. Luckily, we did not need to make any adjustments to go remote. It’s already the way we do things.

My #1 desire is to keep everyone positive and happy. Everyone in the world is thinking about how to solve this problem and we will get through it together.

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