Envío gratis en 4 días

Envío gratis en 4 días

Obtén rápidamente tus cinta para envíos con un tiempo de producción de 4 días y envío gratis.

Obtenga una fecha de entrega aproximada

Papel kraft reforzado

Papel kraft reforzado

Nuestra cinta está hecha de papel kraft reforzado para proporcionar una seguridad óptima para sus envíos.

Amigable con el ambiente y reciclable

Amigable con el ambiente y reciclable

Nuestra cinta está hecha de papel kraft para facilitar el reciclaje de sus cajas.


Segura para enviar

Ya sea que estés enviando pequeños regalos personalizados, suministros al mayor o algo similar, nuestra cinta para envíos mantiene tus paquetes sellados con solo una tira de cinta. Carga tu diseño único y luego elige tu formato de cinta para envíos. A partir de ahí, obtendrás una prueba personalizada que te mostrará cómo lucirá el producto final.

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Packaging tape.

Joanne S

The print looks really good. Just as I imagine it to be.

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Love this for my very small business!

Monica Mainville

I love the quality and affordability of Sticker Mule. It's truly accessible and high-quality for me and my very, very small Etsy business. I buy my sticker inserts and packing tape from Sticker Mule, and am so thrilled with the process and the product. It makes me feel like my lil tiny business is just as polished and professional as the big brands!

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Works great on cardboard/paper

Steady Drop

Initially bought this as an additional "sticker" but the glue adhesive doesn't bond well on plastic or metal BUT good quality tape for packaging. Figured the glue would be equivalent to duct tape or similar but alas :( will still use the remainder for merchandise orders.

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The goat!

Chris Roberson

Painless shipping! I would say that yall are the goat but...who am i kidding...yall are the MULE! Keep it up! -Empty Buddha Skateboards

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My business tape

Lucy Torres

First time buying the tape and I love it!! Will order again for sure!

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