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15 awesome transfer sticker designs

Posted by Tyler Vawser on

Since launching transfer stickers or vinyl decals we've seen thousands of incredible designs. Transfer stickers are significantly more difficult to create at every stage from proofing to artwork creation to manufacturing.

The weeding process is extremely intricate and so our teams have worked closely with our customers to produce their designs. And while we've created videos and guidelines to help, Sticker Mule is proud to reproduce and improve on most transfer design artwork for free. We offer unprecedented design freedom and our free proofing process makes ordering a breeze.

Since soft launching, we’ve already produced transfer sticker designs for hundreds of customers that were turned away from other vendors.

Here are 15 awesome transfer sticker designs:

1. I'm Local by Corey Sweeter

Im Local Transfer Sticker

2. Intricately by JoAnn Barron

Intricately Transfer Vinyl Decal Sticker

3. Impact Ink by Giv Parvaneh

MtVernonTX ImpactINK-Transfer Decal

4. Cody Mack Putters by Keith Cansler

Cody Mack Putters Transfer Sticker

5. Focus on the Beer by Ryan Hannigan

Focus on the Beer Transfer Sticker Design

6. Vox by Kim Steins

Vox Transfer Sticker Design

7. Dove by Julia Sprow

Dove Transfer Sticker Design

8. Honestly Co by David Horne

Intricate vinyl decal

9. Threatwave by Karen Sears

ThreatWave Transfer Sticker Design

10. Sasquatch by Haden Farrell

Sasquatch Transfer Sticker

11. Tigger Welding by Tyler

Welding Transfer sticker

12. TriLion Studios by Brian White

Tri Lion-Intricate-Decal

13. Smile by Traveling Chris

Traveling Chris Transfer Design Vinyl

14. I/L by Greg Dundas


15. TrainEat by Mario

TrainEat Transfer Sticker

If you want to try your hand at creating custom transfer stickers, why not start today with $10 off your first order. Just sign up by clicking the button below.

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