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Join our remote team spread across 17 countries.

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Sticker Mule is the Internet’s best printing company.

We support thousands of customers by hiring the best people in the world. Our team works from 17 countries in 4 continents and is united by a desire to do great work while maintaining a stress-free work environment that’s designed to attract like-minded people who enjoy our culture.

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Above market compensation

We monitor industry salaries and pay above market compensation to hire the best people.

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Signing bonuses

We give everyone signing bonuses to show our commitment to your success before you start.

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Work where you want

Our team is in 17 countries and 11 U.S. states. Most positions allow you to live and work where you want.

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Flexible hours

Most positions allow you to choose a work schedule that makes sense for you.

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Health & dental insurance

U.S. employees receive generous health insurance. Dental is available at reasonable rates.

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Hardware & software

We'll pay or provide you with all of the tools you need to do your job effectively.

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Standing desks

If you want to work from a standing desk just ask and we’ll get you one.

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Freedom chair

If you want a Humanscale Freedom Chair let us know and we’ll get it for you.

Our team works extraordinarily well together because we share a similar perspective on work.

We might come from all over the world, but we all tend to be humble, independent, logical, thoughtful and autodidactic. We try to hire other people that have these characteristics too.


Possesses a modest view of one’s abilities and importance.

Why: People fail when the disparity between what they can do and what they think they can do becomes too vast. Also, humility is a prerequisite for improving.


Concerned about the well-being of others and the company as a whole.

Why: People that put the well-being of each other first can be trusted to make optimal decisions. Inconsiderate people are difficult to trust no matter how talented because they tend to optimize for their own benefit.


Good to work with but able to get stuff done on their own too.

Why: The best teams in companies & sports are comprised of talented people that know how and when to interact to achieve a goal.


Willing and able to learn from others and on their own.

Why: People that are unable to self educate run the risk of eventually becoming a burden because it can be hard to place them if our needs change.


Strong decision-making skills that we can trust.

Why: Decision-making skills are hard to train and responsibilities change as we grow, so we favour logical people over those who are merely experienced.