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  • Allan

    Paper quality is excellent and great price but the print quality is hit or miss. Some prints are absolutely beautiful, but others appear pixelated in a manner suggesting that a compressed version of the original high-res photo was used. Could be an issue with the system used.

  • Kristin

    I ordered these with images from one of my pop art paintings which have worked well in small size for buttons but I don’t love the print quality in acrylic because of how it’s printed differently - looks a little fuzzy. I also don’t love how the from has somewhat “sharp” edges from the acrylic being cut - not dangerous sharp, but a bit scratchy and doesn’t feel nice when it touches your skin.

  • Justine Lee

    I got 50 pins for around $25 with the Stickermule deal. For the price I paid, I would say it was worth it. However, I was disappointed that the print was left exposed on the back instead of being between pieces of acrylic. They are more prone to scratch that way. Also, on a few of the pins received, the “needle” of the pins arrived broken off from the acrylic itself to which I had to superglue the...

  • Alain (Speedy) Charlebois

    Excellent printing and sturdy product that should last a long time at a rock-bottom price! Only caveat; the protective film on top is a b*tch to remove (same for custom keychains) but that is a minor concern considering the outstanding quality of the product. Highly recommended !!

  • Melissa

    Always amazing products from sticker mule! Another great deal. Took some time to get here. But worth it.

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