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How to perfect your DIY home office decor

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With working from home more common than ever before, the humble home office is finally getting the attention it deserves. Home office decor can be tricky, requiring the perfect balance of coziness, personality and functionality, but we’ve shared a few tips below to get your home office looking so good you’ll never want to work anywhere else.

Home office decor: where to start?


To begin creating the perfect home office, define your workspace. Whether you have an entire room or a tiny nook, it’s best if your home office space is set up in one specific zone of your house. Next, the fun part – you can start thinking about what kind of home office decor you’d like.

Get inspired with great home office decor ideas

When it comes to home office decor ideas, thinking about how you want to feel while you’re working is a great place to start. Do you want to feel energized and creative? Or would you prefer a calm, serene workspace? The vibe you want to create during your work day is a great launchpad for allowing home office decor ideas to flow.

What do I need for decorating my home office?

Every home office decor requires some essentials.

  • Desk - opt for the largest desk you can fit in your home office space. For tiny spaces, foldaway desks are a great option
  • Comfortable chair - Whether an office chair or simply your favorite comfy chair, it’s important that you can sit for hours without hurting yourself
  • Work equipment - Laptop, computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset: whatever you need to get the job done, make sure it fits comfortably in your home office space
  • Storage space - Somewhere you can safely store files and papers, books, and any other work equipment you need

Choose the right desk and chair for your home office

A functional desk and comfortable chair are the foundation for a great home office decor, and crucial for productivity during your working day.

How do I choose a home office chair?

Your chair needs to be comfortable enough to sit on for roughly 40 hours per week, so it’s a pretty important part of your home office decor. Look for a chair with plenty of back support that’s adjustable and upholstered in a comfortable, breathable fabric.

How do I choose a home office desk?

The desk you need depends mostly on the work you do – do you need to put large monitors or a lot of equipment on it? Or is it just you and a laptop most working days? If in doubt, get the biggest desk you can fit in your workspace and look for designs that have storage built in.

What other equipment do I need in my home office?

Again, the equipment you should include in your home office decor depends on your job, but there are a few must-haves that everyone working from home should have in their reach.

  • Stationery - Pens, pencils, notebooks and planners, a good stock of stationery awards any home office decor major organizational points
  • A lamp - Good lighting is crucial to our eye health and our productivity alike
  • An extension cord - For reaching far away sockets or plugging in extra electricals
  • A desk organizer - With space for files, extra stationery and whatever else you need to store

How do I bring some color to my home office decor?

Sure, a workspace is functional, but that’s no reason for your home office decor to be sterile. Adding some color and personality will go a long way in making it a space that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in, which in turn will boost your mood and productivity.

Add plants to your home office

On top of looking great, plants and flowers breathe instant life into a space. Look out for air-purifying plants, like snake plants or aloe vera, to keep your home office decor as healthy as can be.

Add coziness and warmth with textiles

Textiles go a long way to add a feeling of coziness to a space; soft furnishings not only make your space more comfortable, they also help absorb sound, which can be critical in a work environment. A stylish rug under your desk will keep feet warm in the winter months, too. We recommend going for a flatweave rug under your home office desk – if your chair is on wheels, you’ll still be able to glide over it easily.

Add color to your home office walls

The easiest way to add some effervescence to your home office decor with a pop of color on the walls. Your home office decor gives you a chance to really play with color, too, as it’s one specific, personal area in your home, so get creative and try that bright color you’d always dreamed of, or take inspiration from the interior design world with some home office wall decor – wall decals and wall hangings work great to add a little liveliness to the space.

I don’t have a specific room, how can I make my workspace my own using home office decor?

Having a separate area for your workspace is essential for creating a focused atmosphere, but can be tricky if your home office is part of another room in your home. Using home office decor to zone off this area is the perfect solution, and the simplest way to achieve it is using wall color or wall decals. Try painting a wall or using home office wall decals in the space around your desk to build a dedicated workspace within another room.

How do I keep my home office organized?


Organization is key to productive home office decor. Papers, files, documents, planners – they all build up in your home office and need well-considered solutions to stop things from getting messy.

Home office decor ideas for an organized space

Storage depends largely on two things: how big your space is and how you decorate your home office. If you have plenty of space, opt for large filing cabinets or shelving; for smaller spaces, a small set of drawers under your desk can work wonders. Perfect your home office organization with some custom-made stickers to label each drawer and file.

Top tips for a tidy home office desk

Your desk should stay as neat as possible to keep your mind clear and focused, so follow our top tidy desk tips below.

  1. Get a desk tray to keep any papers you need on-hand nice and tidy
  2. Buy a nice stationery holder – you can also use your favorite mug or pot
  3. Maximize your use of wall space: home office wall stickers will keep you on track and keep planners and post-its off your desk

Home office decor ideas to make your space more personalized

Choosing your home office decor is your chance to design the office of your dreams, so why not make the most of it?

How do I bring some color to my home office decor?

When it comes to adding color to your home office, now is the time to really play around and go for shades and designs you truly love. If you’re not ready to commit to paint, or you’ve already painted and want to take your decor to the next level, home office wall decals are the way to go. Available in any style, size and shape you can imagine, home office wall decals add instant flair to your home office decor.

How to make home office decor cozier

Nobody likes a cold, stark room, and your home office should be cozy and comfy enough to spend the whole day in. Toss a blanket on your office chair to cuddle up in on chilly evenings, and make sure you’ve got a great rug under your desk to keep toes warm. Adding warm, earthy colors using home office wall decals works a charm to cozy up your space, too.

Don’t forget the desk – here’s how to personalize home office equipment

Now that your home office decor looks great, it’s time to shine the spotlight on your equipment. After all, why go to all the effort of designing a space you love only to have an unattractive monitor as the centerpiece? Decorating your home office equipment with stickers is a fun, effective way of adding temporary color and pattern.

Home office decor FAQs

Still wondering how to decorate a home office?

My home office space is tiny! How do I make the best use of it?

If your space is truly tiny, look for home office decor that can easily fold away at the end of the working day. Folding desks and chairs work great in tiny nooks! Add further coziness and style using soft textiles and fun accessories.

My home office desk is facing a plain wall, can I make it less boring?

Absolutely! Just add some color. Home office wall decals are a great way to add some style and liveliness to a space, or opt for home office wall stickers to make the most use of the wall – calendars, planners, inspirational quotes and project maps are all great choices for your home office wall stickers.

How can I make a desk in my bedroom feel like a dedicated workspace?

Create a specific zone for the space using home office wall decals – it’ll help it feel separate to the rest of your bedroom. Go for lively, energizing colors like yellow and green to help fight off any desire for midday naps!

I don’t work from home all the time, can I make my home office decor less permanent?

Yes, home office wall decals are perfect for adding style and color to your home office decor, but can be easily removed with no damage at all to your walls when you’re finished with the space. Check out our guide to wall decals to find out all you need to know.

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