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Mule Sauce Mule Sauce

Hot sauce that kicks ass.

A unique, subtle sweetness with a sharp kick that turns a dish of any value into a delectable masterpiece.

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Mule Sauce bottle

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Deeply ingrained in Mexican culture, habanero has a citrus-like flavor, flowery aroma and plenty of heat.

Yellow scotch bonnet

Yellow scotch bonnet

A Carribbean and Central American native, with similar heat to habanero, and with a sweet and fruity flavor.

Bhut jolokia

Bhut jolokia

The world’s hottest pepper is also the most delicious. We use a touch to add kick and unmatched flavor.

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Make any dish kick ass.

Turn a hot dog into the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten. Make a cheap meal into a luxury dish. Enhance any meat, fish or pasta with a taste that will impress all of your friends.

Easy peel top
Thin, not watery, consistency
Slow drip
A little goes a long way

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New Hot Sauce Staple

Henry Doan

When I first heard that a sticker company was making hot sauce, I was skeptical. After trying to sauce I can say that I am a fan! Though I don't agree the sauce is a 4/5 on the hot scale, it is very tasty. The the scotch bonnet and habanero peppers add a great floral note, while the bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) adds the right amount of heat to add a kick to pretty much anything from nachos, to s... Read more

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Ass Kicking Sauce

Juliana Gordon

This sauce will kick your ass but in a good way..

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Tastes great!

Carlos Castorani

Such a great tasting sauce was the least thing I was expecting with my order. Well played guys, this sauce really kicks ass

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Best sauce ever


I honestly didn’t think I’d like the sauce, mainly cause I’m not suppose to eat hot stuff because of acid reflux, but I HAD to give it a try! I poured it all over some nacho cheese Doritos and OH MY GOSH!!!!!! It’s so damn good!!!! It’s got just the right amount of heat and a touch of sweet and just oh so good! I was super excited to get 3 more bottles with my orders and will be giving one bott... Read more

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Free Hot Sauce

Casey Babb

When I saw that I was getting hot sauce with my order, I didn't read closely enough- I thought I was getting a hot sauce sticker... so I was surprised when it arrive. It has a good flavor and a good amount of kick for a general-use sauce. I'd order it again.

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Renowned pizza chef and Director of Hospitality at Sticker Mule, Vinny committed decades of work crafting the world’s finest dishes. Now, he reveals his creations and how Mule Sauce is the perfect complement.


Broccoli Pizza

Grandma's handmade broccoli pizza recipe, but with an extra tasty kick.

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Frog Legs

Lightly breaded frog legs, with a kick that will make them jump out of the pan!

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Spinach Frittata

A spicy combo of eggs and spinach, for a quick meal anytime of the day.

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