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10 years of Sticker Mule

Posted by Anthony Constantino on

10 years ago Sticker Mule was born out of frustration. No one treated customers or employees as good as we felt was possible. We wanted to do better and set out to build the best way to shop and work.

10 years later we beat all expectations. Sticker Mule is fast becoming a standard for what it means to be a great company. Businesses all over the world copy us and that's great.

Many people laughed when we said we'd build a mega-brand selling stickers. Luckily, we love to be underestimated.

They said it's rare to build a successful company on your first try. We did.

They said it's impossible without high profile investors. We have none.

They said you can't build a big brand from a small rural town. We did.

They said you need "experienced" people with fancy degrees. We don't.

They said manufacturing is too hard for a startup. It’s not.

They said you need to run massive losses to grow fast. We don't.

Sticker Mule is a story for the underdogs. The people who the “experts” say can't make it. Ignore the experts. Believe in yourself.

10 years ago, a 70 year old that never used a computer before cofounded Sticker Mule after seeing the Internet for the first time. When asked "are you sure we can do this?" He calmly replied, "we never failed at anything and we won't at this." Today we make it a habit to do the impossible.

Our new goal is to make the next 10 years happier for everyone. Financial “success” as a never-ending goal is a crazy thing. We started Sticker Mule with a plan to be fast, simple and fun. It’s time to focus on fun.

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