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Die cut bumper stickers add a touch of fun to your commute

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die cut bumper stickers

Die cut bumper stickers are now available in any size or shape. We have offered bumper stickers for years but until recently they only came in a few standard rectangle sizes.

Bumper stickers have a removable adhesive that makes them unique from die cut stickers, clear stickers and transfer stickers with a permanent adhesive. While all of our stickers are removable, the adhesive on bumper stickers is made specifically to be easier to peel away from a the surface of a car.

Now, just like the rest of our sticker product line, bumper stickers can be cut into any shape for more design flexibility. This improvement is timely as the election approaches in November. As slogans and campaign logos have evolved, we knew it was important to offer die cut bumper stickers. For years, bumper stickers have been a favorite way for voters to show their support for their candidates and platforms.

Free artwork corrections & proofs

We often spend hours painstakingly correcting low resolution artwork so that your final product looks great. You can make your own bumper sticker design and upload it as is. Customers don't pay anything for artwork corrections. In many cases, we improve on artwork without the customer noticing unless they compare it to an order from another vendor. Within 4 hours of checkout a proof is sent that can be approved or changed. You can request changes for free until you're happy. And, you can cancel anytime prior to approval at no charge.

Bulk ordering

Although die cut bumper stickers can be ordered in as few as 10 units, we offer significant price breaks onsite for bulk orders. Orders of 500 bumper stickers receive a 70%+ discount. In addition to bulk discounts, we add discounts for multiple items and exact sizes. To determine your discounts, we calculate the total cost to produce your entire order, number of items, and the final size of each item. The bigger your order, the bigger the discount on bumper stickers.

Free worldwide shipping

With 4 day turnaround and free shipping around the world, Sticker Mule is the easiest and fastest way to order bumper stickers. We have low minimum free shipping thresholds for our international customers and offer always free shipping to customers in the U.S., Canada and UK.

Having covered laptops around the world, we're looking forward to adding thousands of designs to cars around the world with custom magnets and, now, die cut bumper stickers. Learn more about Sticker Mule's bumper stickers.

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