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How to print your own packaging tape (video tutorial)

Posted by Hayden Aube on

Designer, Hayden Aube, shows off his favorite techniques for creating a seamless packaging tape design in Adobe Illustrator.

When ordering from Sticker Mule, our artists will work with you to transform your design into a seamless pattern, but if you’d like to do it yourself, follow along.

Step 1: Create your document

Create a new document. The size of your artboard will determine the size of your pattern.

Step 2: Layout your tape

Using the Rectangle tool (M), create a rectangle that matches the size of your artboard.

Remove the stroke, and give it a fill with you desired background color.

Position the rectangle directly at the center of your artboard and lock it in place.

Step 3: Add design elements

Place any design elements you want to include in your pattern over the existing background.

Be sure to have some of the design overlapping the edge of the artboard. This will help to create the seamless pattern.

Step 4: Reposition overlapping elements

Duplicate each object that is overlapping the edge of the artboard (Copy, then Paste in Front).

Next, move each object to the opposite side of the artboard. Use Object > Transform > Move to move it exactly the same width or height of your artboard.

Step 5: Make your clipping mask

Using the Rectangle tool (M), create another rectangle that matches the size of your artboard, then align it to the center of your artboard.

With everything selected, right click, and select Make clipping mask.

Step 6 (optional): Add to Swatches

With everything selected (including the background), drag the artwork to your Swatches panel. This will create a pattern that you could then apply to any shape.

Step 7: Print your custom packaging tape

Once you have a pattern you’re happy with, you can upload it to Sticker Mule for printing.

As with all of our orders, you’ll receive a proof in 4 hours and our custom packaging tape ships in 4 days or less with free shipping. Samples of custom packaging tape featuring your design are just $4.

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