Sign is great but nothing protecting the back

Eric Etienne

Sign came out great and the colors were very good. My only issue is that there's no kind of protective coating or lamination on the back of the sign, leaving the artwork vulnerable to scratches and wear. Sticker Mule also does this with their other acrylic products. If your use case is to mount your sign on a wall for long term, then this shouldn't be a problem. But for me, this will be a sign that I use at various booths so it will be moving around a lot. I ended up spraying the back with clear coat paint after masking the front and sides with painter's tape. Now the back is protected and feels smooth to the touch. Despite the problems regarding the back of the sign, I'd still order another acrylic sign because these signs are fairly cheap, the cooperative proofing process is very customer-friendly, the results are good and the turnaround time is great. Taking some time to mask and spray paint it afterwards is a small price to pay.


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