Are your products recyclable?

  • Acrylic charms: No
  • Coasters: The pulpboard itself is fully recyclable, but whether the coasters can be recycled depends on what type of de-inking process your local recycler uses. We recommend asking your recycler if they accept UV ink printed paper to confirm.
  • Labels: Our labels are made from polypropylene and are 100% recyclable. The label backing is not considered recyclable.
  • Magnets: Although magnets are not commercially recyclable, be sure to check with your local recycling center for possible alternatives. And before tossing, always consider the options to reuse, repurpose, and regift!
  • Poly Mailers: Our poly mailers are made with 100% polypropylene material and are identified by recycling code 5 and the symbol is printed on the right side of the bag.
  • Posters: Yes. Fully recyclable paper.
  • Bubble mailers: No. The outer material is 100% polyethylene, but the inner is a blend of LDPE and PP and plastic blends are oftentimes not recyclable.
  • Packaging tape: The tape itself is made with virgin kraft, not recycled material. It can be considered recyclable if it is on a box. However, the tape cannot be recycled bulk-wise as there are fiberglass strands in the tape for reinforcement.
  • Stickers: Our stickers, including the paper liners, aren't recyclable as paper material. We suggest to check with local recycle centers for options with recycling vinyl. Some centers will repurpose and recycle vinyl, but it's not always accepted by municipal recycling programs.