Packaging Tape Dispenser Review: BP 755

When using custom packaging tape at a high volume, you may want to invest in a packaging tape dispenser.

The BP 755 is an electronic tape dispenser.

The machine features a low profile design and a large top hatch for easy loading. The water tank is large, but it has a small opening and no sealed cap - this made it difficult to fill up and disassemble without spilling a lot of water. There is a built-in water heater, which can be controlled by lifting up the front hatch.

This machine is very easy to setup and use. With the tape loaded and the water tank filled, simply choose your desired length, in inches, and the machine will dispense, wet, and cut a strip of tape.

There are automatic versions of the BP 755 available to make things more efficient.

At around $1,933, the BP 755 is in the high-range of electronic tape dispensers.

Unless the low profile design is an important feature for you, we don’t recommend this dispenser. Despite the higher price tag, the BP 755 is actually less efficient than the BP 555 and doesn’t offer nearly the same amount of features.

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