What are your letter size and font requirements for transfer stickers?

Custom transfer stickers are perfect for custom lettering and typography. However, depending on size of the font and overall size of the sticker, there are a few artwork requirements to ensure quality and legibility. Meeting these requirements before you upload your design ensures we can deliver fast turnaround and produce your transfer sticker.

Transfer Sticker Lettering Examples

In order for your lettering to be custom cut, the solid parts should be at least 0.08" thick (2mm). You should be able to fit a 0.08" circle within the thinnest parts of the letters (as seen below in blue).


The openings in your letters should be large enough to fit a 0.09" circle within the white space (as seen below in pink). This also applies to designs that have reversed lettering, or letters that are being cut out of the vinyl.


Although we do not have a list of preferred or required fonts, all fonts must meet the requirements above.

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