What is included in your sample pack?

We offer sample packs that include a collection of stickers, magnets, labels, a coaster, and packaging tape for $1.

a collection of print samples offered by sticker mule

Sample pack contents:

  • Shrimp Sticker: 2.5"x 2.42" die cut sticker
  • Card Sticker: 2.11" x 3" rounded corner sticker
  • Computer Clear Sticker: 3"x 2" clear sticker
  • Sticker Mule Sticker: 3"x .58" die cut sticker
  • Mule Sauce Tape: 2.81" x 6" packaging tape
  • Lima Bean Labels: 2"x 3" die cut roll label
  • Herman Sticker: 2.69"x 2.85" die cut sticker
  • Herman Sunglasses Glitter Sticker: 2.85"x 3" glitter sticker
  • Unimule Holographic Sticker: 2.8"x 3.25" holographic sticker
  • Cheers Coaster: 3.7"x 3.7" coaster
  • Mule Sauce Magnet: 1.2"x 3.89" magnet
  • Kick Ass Sticker: 3"x 1.28" die cut sticker
  • Sticker Mule Tools Sticker: 4"x 2" rounded corner sticker
  • Combat Mules Holographic Sticker: 4"x 1.66" holographic sticker