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  • didnt like them

    Kayla Bibbs

    it is my fault, I did not realize that they use plastic chains . I thought they were metal chains. ugh.

  • no chain

    Alize Reaux

    The word "key chain" for the product is misleading; when I ordered, I expected the item to come on an actual metal chain and not a plastic loop with a hole. I believe that the items I ordered are less likely to sell because of this, and was disappointed when I opened the package. One of the "Key loops" were undone, and I couldn't get it to snap together.

  • Great expierence

    Robert Poole

    I have ordered many things from Sticker Mule and have been delighted with everything I have bought from them. Prices are great and quality is excellent!

  • SO Small


    I think these are cute but way too small. I asked if they could be made bigger by design person and they said no because it would distort our logo which didn't make sense since they do stickers for us all the time in 3" size. Will not use Sticker Mule in the future for anything else except stickers.

  • Very Happy

    Johnna Dillinger

    The keychains look great and they even come with a key ring which makes it 100% better

  • Lots of scuffs

    Garrett Gibbons

    The cut and color of the keychains were both great. I don’t love how scuffed up the surfaces were. The front faces of most of the units (250, I think) are scuffed and scratched, and it makes them look very chintzy and grimy.

  • Wonderful!

    Danielle Wilson

    Item was awesome and quality was great! Fast delivery!

  • customized keychains

    Otaku Noir Collection

    The keychains are not double sided. There were several that had chipped designs so the front design had portions missing. Also there were a few items that came without a chain/ring that would attach it to a set of keys.

  • My Pigeon keychain

    Jorge Félix

    I am happy with my product, well done, beautiful. The only thing I see is that you must try to make double-sided printing possible, then it will be perfect.

  • Sadly not happy customer


    When I opened the box and they arrived I was super excited, when I saw them I realized that they had black lines of printing on top of my design, I contacted them and received help. But I say sadly because it has happened to me 2 times, they should check them before sending them.