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  • SC
    Sarah Coleman

    We ordered 10 different stickers and they were produced quickly and professionally. These are excellent quality bumper stickers. The proofing service works really well and you know that there is always a human behind it all. This is SO important in a world of cold, 'arms-length' automation - it's clear Stickermule apply the technology to make things run smoothly and efficiently, while letting the ...

  • TW
    Tonya Wood

    I loved these so much! There's just something about the holographic effect. Great quality, still holding up all these months later, too!

  • KC
    Karen Chan

    Holographic stickers look way better than proofs.

  • James McKeown

    I was hesitant to order my logo in holographic as the effect can be a bit overwhelming, but after seeing these I am obsessed. Standard black and grey when I look straight on, and every color you can imagine with light refraction. The logo looks so much crisper and cleaner when they send it back to me as well, incredible service

  • AP
    Aimee Bell Pepper

    Man, I never had problems with stickers from you guys before. This is the second set you shipped with problems, this time with big huge lines across all of the stickers. Clearly nobody is responsible for quality control because this is unacceptable and whoever shipped them out knew there was an issue and obviously does not care. I'll be getting my stickers printed elsewhere. Thanks

  • Jesus Chimpanzee

    Exactly what I wanted

  • Rosie s

    they are beautiful

  • Aidan Schoene

    These Stickers are no joke! Even though they aren't vinyl, they still hold up extremely well against the elements. I have one on the back of my car window, and cannot seem to get it off, so beware of that.

  • KC
    Karla Clarke

    We are planning a group vacation. I created these for some fun swag gifts. Probably order some stemless stainless glasses to add them to. Stickermule rocks.

  • Mechell Lord

    This product never arrived