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  • SS
    Sabrina Simon

    I ordered two posters, and was overjoyed to see how they turned out. These are birthday gifts for my friend, and it’s next month, and I can’t wait to see his reaction. Thank you to Sticker Mule for always providing quality in everything!

  • SS
    Sabrina Simon

    The poster ended up looking amazing with all the colors intact. The paper is sturdy, so I didn’t have to worry about it tearing, but I was still careful when putting it in the frame. Whenever I need posters printed, Sticker Mule will be my go-to! Thank you, Sticker Mule!

  • AG
    Andrew Gallup

    I was very happy with how my custom poster turned out and with definitely use sticker mule for all custom orders

  • HS
    Heather Shambarger

    Great sales poster. Eye catching.

  • G

    I enjoy the end result but I think maybe because my print was larger it took much longer than most of my orders to arrive.

  • A

    This came out much better than I expected! I love the sturdy stock it's printed on. Spectacular.

  • Jason Haack

    Great color and crisp print from an image shot on an average phone camera.

  • WaitIsThisArt

    Love posters from Sticker Mule! the print quality is fantastic!

  • SB
    Stephanie Pitsirilos-Boquin

    Reasonable prices and great quality as always. Super easy to reorder like I did with this order.

  • JB
    Jeroen Bours

    We've become ambassadors for Stickermule. Although they don't know it, we recommend them often. The work is always super bright. Colors scream at you (in a oh-so nice way). It ain't easy printing bright colors on a coaster, or delivering custom posters that feel screen-printed. Kudo's to all that tough the work over there. Can't praise 'em high enough.