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  • Michael Carty

    These stickers, as all stickers from Sticker Mule, are a high quality product. We use them on vehicle windows and they hold up extremely well under all weather conditions.

  • Jennifer Salmonsen

    I ordered a large truck vinyl decal for a customer and the decal was shipped in a package that was smaller than the decal so the decal had a significant crease across its’ entire length. I will try the company again since the price is great and production time is fast but I was disappointed with the fulfillment of this order.

  • Juanma A.

    El diseño a penas tiene adhesivo y cuesta muchísimo trabajo que quede pegado en distintas superficies, aunque sean lisas (probé en varias). La fuerza del adhesivo del Transfer es mucho mayor y siempre se lo lleva de vuelta. En el paquete no vienen instrucciones ni espátula para hacer la fijación. El envío lo hacen con UPS y SIEMPRE hay problemas con el reparto y la entrega (un servicio de mensajer...


    It came out perfect. Thank you very kindly for your great assistance. 😍😍

  • Guillaume Lachance

    They did not respect (at all) the size in provided to them in the original file They just scaled it up to fill up the area.... what a terrible service

  • Mutiyat Ade-Salu

    I was surprised with the strong texture and how easy it was to apply. I may get this design in more colors!


    Love it, thank you very much

  • Travis Fuller

    Received damaged beyond being able to put it on what’s a complete waste of money, very dissatisfied

  • Kira Tucker

    I really pushed the minimum thickness limit with this sticker. I’m super pleased with how clean it looks. Also happy with how long these last, even on objects that see a lot of abuse (like my Hydroflask water bottle). This is the second round of these stickers after testing the first round for over a year.

  • Sean Jones

    The 15"x11" custom sticker I ordered turned out absolutely perfect! I couldn't be happier with how it looks. However, I did encounter some issues with the shipping and packaging process. When my original order arrived, it was packaged in a large envelope, which seemed great at first. Unfortunately, they didn't take the necessary precautions to protect the sticker from bending during transit. It wo...