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  • Salvador Santiago

    Excelente calidad y aplicación. Gracias.

  • Kelsy johnson

    Hello. The colors of my stickers are way over faded! I would love to order only one with the correct colors! Thank you!!!!

  • Duffy

    These decals are exactly what we wanted. Thrilled the price and the quality from Sticker Mule once again!

  • Jordan Wommack

    Customer service went above and beyond to make me happy, reprinting my order to correct an oversight on my part. Great company!

  • Travis Grulke

    Great working with the group at Stickermule... had some revisions for the proof and they did a fantastic job!

  • Karinina Quimpo

    I've been using Sticker Mule for about a year now for stickers, shirts, buttons, pins, etc. Mostly to create memorial merchandise for my late friend. During this difficult time, creating custom merch has been my favorite way to continue my friend's legacy, and using Sticker Mule makes it *extremely* easy. I love their products. This Front adhesive sticker came out great and exactly as I intended. ...

  • Romain Bourdon

    I ordered 100 of these stickers to put on the windows of our cars, we are a Classic club. The stickers are really great, great quality, well printed, the only thing I can say is that the paper can be difficult to remove, a cut in the middle would have been nice. I can also say that I am an idiot since I sent a bad version of our logo with the top text not in line, my bad.

  • Nicholas

    Fuzzy lines, color is washed out and not strong.

  • Remo Mazzie

    Great service and product along with fast delivery.

  • Kiara Calloway

    Although I don’t know who would want a car decal lol, I put it on my car. The quality is very nice I think they did a great job.