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  • Aleix

    Aleix Martinez Ibañez

    Buena calidad de impresió y materiales, la única pega es que al despegar te llevas el papel de atras pegado



    muy buen producto, buen acabado y calidad

  • Great job once again

    Kathleen care


  • Awesome

    Tray Anderson

    Amazing quality definitely ordering again

  • Great Stickers, Delivery: not so much

    Ray Paseur

    I like the stickers, but the delivery driver "hid" the package in my garage and it took me 24 hours to locate it, with my dog finally sniffing it out. Recommend Sticker Mule use a delivery service that TAKES A PHOTO OF THE DELIVERY instead of sending an anonymous email. The delivery was done by a UPS subcontractor that I've never heard of.

  • Sticker Mule Products

    Lauren Zarkovacki

    Sticker mule has great quality stickers, awesome sales, and has never misplaced a shipment which is amazing considering all the orders we've made. I highly recommend sticker mule products.

  • Circle Sheets

    Davis Davis

    There’s not much to say: Sticker Mule works for many of my needs. Thx for what you do! Like their/your turnaround time!!! Still look forward to lower prices from the past. More bang for our bucks makes any purchase inviting. Overall SM gets an A in my book.

  • perfection

    Sirena vessel

    Absolutely perfect, super fast as well!

  • round sticker to pale

    Jonnadee Sweden AB

    these stickers are printed way to pale ... unfortunately :(

  • labels


    great job well done!