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  • more of a cholula guy but this is nice

    Gustav Moorhouse

    it's hard to find hot sauce in italy, so in a way the easiest thing to do is to order stickers from sticker mule to satisfy the need

  • Broke in transportation

    John Conlin

    Was super excited to try it, but sadly, the bottle was smashed upon delivery :(

  • We love mule sauce!

    Shae LaPlace

    The hot sauce is much beloved in our office, even coveted!


    Maddie Huang

    It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it goes with everything!

  • Should be Awesome Sauce!

    Chuck Freeman

    Incredible flavor! Sweet and spicy!

  • Yum

    John Bonney


  • Chilli sauce


    Hot hot hot

  • Thanks for the freebie


    Will let you know when we have tried it

  • Mule it

    Russell Grothus

    OMG 😱 thanks a million for the sauce 🤙😊😊

  • Sweet and Spicy

    Evan Whitman

    A solid addition to our order. We love the idea of giving out hot sauce as well.