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  • Anónimo

    Dude... This is so freaken tight. My packaging just got super exciting.

  • Laiken M. Williams

    The tape is awesome!

  • Rhonda Reid

    The print and quality is great. The only thing I didn’t really like (personal preference) was you have to wet the tape for it to stick.

  • Anónimo

    We were shaking things up and decided to try Sticker Mule for our new stickers that we use to put inside client/trade-show giveaways and other marketing materials - I also decided to try out the shipping tape since I was able to order a sample first (we've tried other shipping tapes in the past that never quite worked out). The stickers alone were a breath of fresh air (the picture with the sticke...

  • Chris Geirman

    I expected more lengthwise. Was surprised how little I got, which is truly useless. I expected self sticking, but got a sponge which I now have to also keep track of along with the useless length of tape. None of this was clear to me beforehand. Finally, why am I REQUIRED to upload a photo of my stickers before I can submit this feedback??? Makes no sense. Oh, there's a "skip and just leave a ...

  • alexneverwas

    Haven’t actually used it yet BUT visually it’s pretty nice

  • elledeegee

    I really liked the way my design came out on this tape but I didn't realize (missed this in the description) that it was "water" activated only. I tried to peel it and messed up a piece of the sample. I would really prefer it to be sticky or Washi style tape but it does stick when wet. That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars.

  • Janalee Redmond

    Solved my packaging issue!

  • Robyn Alford

    I ordered the tape sample to see if this is something i'd like to invest in for my online business. Although the sample came quickly and is "okay", I found the colour to not be as saturated as it could've been. My navy colour came out more like purple. That said, the actual product is good! Despite my dissatisfaction, I'll likely order more of the product as it isn't horrendous, just not perfec...

  • Emergency Mobile Thrift Shop

    These are great and I will use them to seal my custom packaging envelopes that I bought personalized by stickermule .