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DIY front adhesive stickers

Posted by Dave Traver on

Are you familiar with front adhesive stickers? Front adhesive stickers are just like our clear stickers except the sticky side is on the front of the design, not the back. They are made to apply the design-side to the inside of a window.

Custom front adhesive stickers

Let’s learn more about custom front adhesive window stickers and how you can make your own without breaking a sweat!

What are front adhesive stickers?

Front adhesive stickers are printed on clear material and have an adhesive on the front, printed side of the sticker. These stickers are particularly helpful for certain uses including business storefronts that want to display their memberships, information or causes they support.

They are also called the “Inside Window Stickers” since they are stuck on the inside of windows.

When we launched these stickers, we originally called them window stickers. We changed the name because "front adhesive sticker" is more intuitive and because other sticker types are also considered window stickers.

Where can you use front adhesive stickers?

There are many uses of front adhesive stickers for both businesses and personal uses.


  • Storefront displays that you occasionally have to change (since it’s so easy to stick on and peel off!)
  • Announcement for your business or social cause
  • Display professional memberships
  • Show off awards and reviews


  • Hassle-free window decors during special occasions such as Halloween or Christmas
  • Showing support for your favorite team or organization by sticking their logo or banners on the inside of your car window
  • Simply making your personality shine through custom front adhesive window stickers

Back adhesive vs. front adhesive stickers

So, when is it ideal to use back or front-facing adhesive stickers for windows? Not all stickers are made alike and that is exactly why you should know which one to use.

Use back adhesive stickers when…

  • Your sticker is located in a safe area where it’s not at risk being peeled off by passersby
  • You don’t have a store window but you still want to jazz up your exterior with customized decals
  • The opacity of your store window is high that customers wouldn’t be able to see your stickers and designs when it’s stuck on the inside

Use front adhesive stickers when…

  • You have big windows or glass doors that catch the attention of passersby
  • You have very clear windows and they are not prone to dirt or any kind of obstruction to your decals
  • You need a cost-effective way to improve your front store marketing

Pros and cons of front adhesive stickers

That said, front adhesive stickers aren’t perfect. Here are a few considerations:

- Tamper-proof- They cannot be seen clearly on tinted or opaque glasses
- Protected from weather and dirt from outside your window- If the glass is obstructed by an external object, the sticker cannot be seen
- Easy to stick on and remove, perfect for display windows that need to change every so often- Stickers can still be subjected to wear and tear. They are less permanent compared to other decors, such as paint
- More economical compared to other means of decorating your storefront

How to make front adhesive stickers

Making front adhesive stickers is easier than you thought! Here at Sticker Mule, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Upload your sticker design on our page.
  2. Select the desired size, quantity, then request a proof.
  3. Request additional changes (if needed) and we’ll ship your stickers within four business days!

We hope you try our new front adhesive stickers and let us know what you think.

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