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Create a shipment

Create a shipment

Enter shipping info, package dimensions, and choose delivery options.

Purchase your label

Purchase your label

Enter a payment method and save it for repeat shipments.

Download or print

Download or print

Print instantly, or download your label in PDF, PNG, or ZPL format.

Flexible pricing

Instantly compare shipping rates based on service, size, and weight.

Save time

Securely store your payment & shipping info to make future shipments faster.

Track shipments

Keep track of your shipments in one single place.


Ship is free to use to manage your shipments. You only pay for the labels.

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Yes! You don't have to be a business to use Ship. Ship to anyone, anywhere in the US.

Yes! Use Ship to send to PO boxes anywhere in the US.

Ship presently supports all USPS express and standard mail services.

Ship allows you to instantly compare shipping rates and quickly generate shipping labels. Ship does not offer fulfillment services.

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