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What's missing from Sticker Mule

Posted by Matt on

We started building stickermule.com in February and made a goal to launch within 3 months - even if it was missing some features we'd like to have. So, we hope you'll excuse any noticeable omissions and keep in mind we're always improving.

Here's a list of features we put off building in order to go live quickly.

International shipments

Although a few Chinese friends are eager to buy some stickers, international shipping isn't possible at this time. Canadian sticker lovers, don't fret. We can still take care of you.

Update: we now ship to all these lovely countries.

Expedited production

Want to pay extra and have us ship in 5 days instead of 10? We contemplated offering expedited production, but 10 days isn't bad. Is it?

Update: our production time is now just 4 days as standard. Plus, you can rush your order.

Faster shipments

We ship for free using UPS Ground service, although on occasion we use USPS if there is a large cost difference. If you want 2 day delivery or overnight it's not possible. This wouldn't be too hard to add, but if you're waiting 10 days for production, what's another 3 - 5 for shipping?

Update: we now offer 2nd day air as standard, with a next day air option too.

Design online

What's the likelihood we implement a design online system in 2010? < 1% We're not fond of design online systems. Most are unresponsive and confusing to use. However, the geek in us would like a slick design online app that puts all the crappy ones to shame.

Larger quantity orders

Pricing on the site goes up to 10,000 units, but we're experts when it comes to massive orders too. Like, 500,000 stickers massive. We have high-speed equipment that's built to bang out these types of orders at a low cost. For now, contact us if you need pricing on a huge order. Eventually we may add higher quantity pricing to the site.

Update: order stickers in bulk, up to 200,000 units per order.


Our sticker templates are going to be awesome. They're also going to be live in the next few weeks.

Update: sticker templates and more are live!


You can't review our products yet. I'm guessing this will get done in the next few months. We're still trying to decide how we want reviews to work. For example, should you be able to attach a photo to your review? Should we use a 3rd party review system or build or own?

Update: You can leave reviews now. There are many.

Contact form

We don't even have a proper contact us page with a web form. Yes, it's embarrassing, but one will be added soon.

Update: You can contact us here.

That's the short list. Some of these you'll see added in the next few months. Others may never see the light of day. We're obsessive about making the site simple and acutely aware that many of these so-called features add complexity. For example, rather than offer 5 day production for an upcharge, we'd rather find a way to make that the standard.

Anyways, hope you like what we created so far. If you have feedback let us know in the comments or @stickermule on Twitter.

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