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  • Mike

    The frame quality is way nicer than I expected, and the matte cutting and print quality is also nice. Thank you Sticker Mule!

  • A

    I ordered a framed post and I am really happy with the final result. I think the idea is really cool... the most difficult thing is choosing the twitter post!

  • Zivile

    When I opened the box and took the frame, the print almost fell out of the frame because two of the three pins on the back side were not closed. The print is good quality. However, if your tweet contains an image the quality of the image might not be the best. Other than that the frame looks sturdy and good quality.

  • B

    This is a fun, simple way to turn a digital memory into a tangible item. It's also a gift that will last! If the website formerly known as Twitter goes full Friendster, this framed print will survive. A totally unexpected and unique gift. :)

  • MG
    Monica N. Galvan

    The frame quality is good. It's matte black, and the hangers have different positions, so you can hang it or display as a typical photo frame. The presentation box is nice too! The print, though, could be a bit shinier, it looks like something I could print with my home printer, and the greens look a bit dull. The framed posts can be cool as gift for a friend or family, but the text-only ones may...

  • MH
    Maciej Haudek

    The frame is gorgeous and has become the perfect gift. The quality of the frame itself to a very high standard and I can honestly recommend it.

  • Yee Poon

    Ordered the ornate gold frame and comes with glass front panel which I prefer over the flexi plastic stuff. Didn't come with the cut out photo mount though. For the convenience of hitting print and getting it delivered to your door, it's probably worth the price but should definitely allow the option to have other images/photos.

  • Mary

    Got a beta invite to try this new product out. Had one printed for my husband as kinda' an inside joke and he thought it was hilarious. The frame is great quality. The print is high quality. I wish I would have ordered one with a photo so I could see how that compares. It is a printed piece of paper in a frame, but if I made this myself it would still cost the frame and time, so the price is not...

  • dibenga

    Was excited to be part of the beta, but now looking at this and see it isn't anything I couldn't produce with an inkjet and a frame form the dollar store on my own. I commend SM for trying out the product but it's not custom enough for the listed price (around $70)

  • Craig Neves Design

    Really impressed by the framing quality. Well made, you can hang or sit on a desk or shelf. Matting was nice as well.