Peel the film off your keychains! 5 stars

Emily Ball

I received my logo keychains and immediately reached out to customer support because I thought the surfaces were scratched and the edges were chipped and uneven. It turns out that there is an extremely thin, very well-adhered protective film on every keychain that needs to be removed! A card in the box indicates this, but in my excitement to see my keychains, I completely missed it among their other promotional materials. My mistake, thank you to customer service for being so helpful, as I'm sure I'm not the first person to waste their time emailing them about this issue. I suggested that they attach the card to the bag the keychains are in to save us unobservant customers from ourselves! 5 stars.


इस तरह से? अपना खुद का custom keychains ऑर्डर करना भी आसान है 🙂