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Sticker_Mule उबाऊ, खाली पैकेजिंग से कस्टम पैकेजिंग तक एक नया रेवलूशन ला रहा है जो आपके ब्रांड को मुफ़्त अटेन्शन दिलाता है और आपके पैकेज खास दिखते हैं। अपने बॉक्स को कॉस्ट-ईफेक्टिव ढंग से कस्टम पैकेजिंग टेप के साथ ब्रांड करें, हमारे पॉली मेलर्स में टी शर्ट्स को स्टाइल से शिप करें अपने नाजुक आइटम की रक्षा के लिए हमारे कस्टम बबल मेलर्स का उपयोग करें । चाहे आप 50 या 500,000 पैकेज शिप करें, Sticker_Mule आपका पसंदीदा कस्टम पैकेजिंग सप्लायर होगा।

कस्टम पैकेजिंग रेवलूशन को लीड करना

दुनिया भर के ब्रांड ब्लैंक से कस्टम पैकेजिंग में माइग्रेट कर रहे हैं। कस्टम पैकेजिंग से आपको मुफ्त ब्रांड अवेरनेस्स मिलती है जब जब आप अपना पैकेज शिप करते हैं। चाहे आपको कस्टम टेप, पॉली मेलर्स या बबल मेलर्स की आवश्यकता हो, Sticker Mule के साथ काम करके आप कॉस्ट ईफेक्टिव तरीके से कस्टम पैकेजिंग की ओर बढ़ सकते हैं और अपने ब्रांड को बढ़ा सकते हैं।

कस्टम पैकेजिंग के लिए समीक्षाएं

  • 4.6 / 5

  • 8,349

    कुल समीक्षाएं

  • 89%

    फिर से ऑर्डर करना चाहेंगे

  • Bubbly Mailers

    Mayeth Olipares

    Wanted something very simple. No damages, great print quality.

  • Exactly what I needed!


    Over the years I've had mixed results ordering promotional items online. Often, it's hard to know the quality until the product arrives. This packaging tape was a 10/10 and arrived quickly. Function + Form!. - Steve from Commercial Forest Products, Fontana ,CA 92337

  • Waste of money

    Clifton Castleman

    Not only is this contraption HUGE (it's bigger than a printer!), it doesn't work half the time and when it does it's VERY finicky. Not worth the money (or footprint)!

  • Discolouration

    Cassy Collins

    Discolouration of the printing. It's suppose to be a solid colour but it fades from one side to the other

  • First Purchase—Very Pleased!

    Kathleen Schmucker

    Happy to have found this company. Ordering process is easy-peasy and their communication is spot on. Thank you for a great product and service!

  • Logo packing tape

    Yvonne Conti OBrien

    Always makes our boxes look so professional and clean

  • love it

    rhonda sharee

    very nice, this was my first time ordering from them

  • Product fine, logistics pitiful

    Liss Klemke

    Whilst I love my product - it took over a month to arrive. It was not disclosed at ordering that the manufacture would be in the US (I’m in Australia) and when it finally got to Australia the alternative tracking number didn’t work and it sat in the same place for almost 3 weeks in my city before it got to me. Super annoying. I would only order the product again if it was made locally or had be...

  • Quality is good...

    Neil Bell

    Review this carefully. It is easy to miss that this tape is water-activated and not self-adhesive.

  • Best damn packing tape in the Universe (perhaps multiple?)

    Andy Newlands

    Took me awhile to come around. I ship bicycle tubing throughout USA and some internationally, mainly small shipments in stout cardboard tubes. They looked pretty blah until I found Stickermule. Now I would say they look superlative but that is just my opinion. Makes me feel good seeing the postal carrier walk down the street with my package hanging out of his sack and the back end blazing my T...

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