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Always a surprise!

I know Sticker Mule has incredible standards and always put out good product but I am still surprised every tome at how good they are!

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Hot Mule Sauce is no joke

This is one of the hottest yet flavorful sauces. Great on Chinese tofu, chicken salad and chips. We would buy this if it was sold in the supermarket.

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Love it!

The sauce is great, I love the flavor profile. For me it's spicy, but I can still drench my food in it.

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Surprisingly kick-ass

Tastes great! Smells amazing! Flavorful and has just enough kick to know it’s there without overpowering what you’re eating. Definitely a well balanced flavor enhancer.

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Sauce Review

This sauce has great flavor!!

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Great product and quality. Super fast production and shipping.

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