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These are dope!

Minus a few that got damaged (It happens I guess), these are pretty neat. Always wanted to get Keychains done for my Blog, and now I got some. Big up StickerMule!

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Awesome Charms

The charms are awesome - even better int hat I won them. LOVE Sticker Mule. These will make great little kep chains.

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Absolutely gorgeous

Sticker Mule has done it again-- made me adore something I never knew I wanted. The charms were solid, well-machined, with high-quality images. I can't wait to offer these to my beloved reader community. (They are a promo item for my next book series.) My only tiny teeny complaint is that the hole at the top is so small that only the thinnest wire will fit through. took a bit of wrangling to... अधिक पढ़ें

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Ottima qualità e la grafica è perfetta come sempre

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Holy Heck

I won my charms through #mulemonday and I'm honestly so happy with the outcome! The image was super clear and came with their protective layer on the front [thank you for providing a little note saying to peel the layer off] Completely over the moon with the result and would happily order more of these bois again

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Great Sauce!

This hot sauce is the bomb!!

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