Converti qualsiasi immagine in una grafica vettoriale ad alta risoluzione per soli 17 €.

Prezzi forfettari

Prezzi forfettari

Aggiorna il tuo logo, il tuo design o la tua foto per soli 17 € , indipendentemente da quanto il lavoro sia difficile.

Prova di stampa online gratuita

Prova di stampa online gratuita

Rivedi una prova di stampa online per controllare la tua immagine aggiornata prima di pagare.

Stampa pronta

Stampa pronta

La tua grafica diventerà infinitamente scalabile, pronta all'uso su un adesivo o tabellone.

Pixellato, addio

Aggiorna qualsiasi immagine in una grafica vettoriale scalabile ad alta risoluzione. Usa Redraw per migliorare la qualità di loghi, illustrazioni e persino foto.

Adattabilità infinita

Ingrandisci la tua grafica a qualsiasi dimensione senza perdere qualità.

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  • Super Fast and Exactly What I Wanted

    Terry Divyak

    I had a file I tried to turn into a Vector image on my own and I was so frustrated by the whole process in PS, that I decided to let the experts at Sticker Mule do this for me. The process was fast and exactly as I had hoped and the file came out perfect.

  • Perfect and Quick


    Sticker Mule was super quick to help me with my image that was not high resolution. They offered their redraw service and the design was finished super fast even on a holiday weekend! Thank you for continuing to be helpful!

  • Travail de fou !

    Thibault Milan

    Avec mon logo il y avait des éléments vraiment fin et très très chiant à refaire. Le travail est juste miraculeux.

  • Jamais déçu par redraw

    Thibault Milan

    Bien meilleur que les outils à base de machine learning / algorithme que l'on voit sur le marché. Les ajustements ont été fait rapidement. J'adore ce service.

  • Amazing!

    Justin Rush

    Literally the best customer service I have ever experienced! They were emailing me back at 10pm, trying to help me! Highly recommended!

  • Fantastic service

    Joe Simpson

    First attempt and it looks fantastic!

  • Saved me $100

    Lee Hampton

    Thank you, thank you!!! The "redraw" saved me having to source out artwork from a company offering to convert my png. into a vector for $60/hr for 2hr miminum.

  • Perfect


    Came out perfect, and listen to my input, looks just like my hand drawing... amazing

  • Great work

    Lorne Fade


  • Perfetti


    Ottimo lavoro e qualità top

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