Introducing packaging tape

Postato da Tyler Vawser il Apr 11th, 2017

Sticker Mule’s custom packaging tape is made with strong, durable paper that is reinforced with fiberglass strands. Popular, high volume retailers use this type of tape to improve their productivity and quickly and securely ship hundreds or even thousands of packages a day. We use a water-activated adhesive, which allows our tape to quickly create a strong bond to your package once applied. A ... Leggi di più

This is what your customers want from their shopping experience

Postato da Pam Neely il Apr 7th, 2017

Your customers are your business. Without them, even the most fantastic, life-changing product will get no sales. Customers are so central to business success that some marketing experts – like Joe Pulizzi, in his book “Content Inc.” – say that when you’re thinking about going into business, you should start with the audience (your potential customers) first. Build an audience of those people... Leggi di più

Introducing die cut roll labels

Postato da Tyler Vawser il Mar 14th, 2017

We are pleased to announce custom die cut labels at Sticker Mule. Die cut roll labels can be cut into any shape or size. Die cut stickers have long been our most popular product so we’re excited to offer this option to customers who want their die cut designs on a roll. When we first introduced circle roll labels a year ago, we said our roll label quality exceeds anything on the market. That... Leggi di più

The frugal crafter’s guide to saving on shipping costs

Postato da Pam Neely il Mar 9th, 2017

Did you notice what happened in January? USPS and FedEx raised their costs. So did CanadaPost. These weren’t massive price hikes – only about 3-5%. But it may have been enough to cause you to furrow your brow when you tallied up the month’s expenses. Shipping costs are unavoidable, of course. But there’s every reason to keep them down. So here are a few ways to do that for your online shop, Sh... Leggi di più

Introducing quick order

Postato da Tyler Vawser il Mar 7th, 2017

We are excited to introduce quick order. It’s common for customers to order dozens of items at the same time, but building the cart for large, multiple item orders was cumbersome. Not anymore. Quick order let’s you order dozens of items in seconds. Simply pick the items you want, identify the number of unique designs per item, attach your artwork and breeze through checkout. We’ll automatical... Leggi di più

Introducing front adhesive stickers

Postato da Tyler Vawser il Feb 28th, 2017

We’re excited to introduce front adhesive stickers. Front adhesive stickers are just like our clear stickers except the sticky side is on the front of the design, not the back. They are made to apply the design-side to the inside of a window. Front adhesive stickers are printed on clear material and have an adhesive on the front, printed side of the sticker. These stickers are particularly ... Leggi di più

How Grado Labs built their word-of-mouth marketing machine (and headphones people love)

Postato da David Kelly il Feb 23rd, 2017

When I first heard of Grado Labs, my immediate thought was: here’s another audio company. Probably not much different than the rest. Boy was I wrong. Grado Labs is totally different. Before Beats came along, Grado Labs was unleashing sweet, melodious tunes into their customers' ears with award-winning headphones. In fact, Grado Labs has now been around for 64 years. And while Grado’s compet... Leggi di più

The perfect print-ready file checklist

Postato da Jeremy Wick il Feb 21st, 2017

If you’re a designer, chances are you spend a lot of time in the digital realm. And while you might be the best pixel pusher around, the rules change when it comes to print design. Here’s a checklist of everything you need to do to make sure your design is perfectly print-ready. Dimensions : At least 300 PPI If you’re working with vector artwork, you can go ahead and check this off. If you’re... Leggi di più

How to create package inserts that work

Postato da Pam Neely il Feb 9th, 2017

So you’ve got your next order nearly all packed up. You’ve checked the packing list. You’ve made sure the order won’t get damaged on its way… and now you’re about to seal up the box. Wait! Where’s the package insert? Don’t forget it. You’ve got an opportunity here to earn more sales, nab a new customer or even clear some old inventory. All it takes is a simple slip of paper. Package insert... Leggi di più

The making of our new homepage video

Postato da Jeremy Wick il Feb 7th, 2017

Our homepage is the first interaction most visitors and customers have with our brand. Our previous homepage video showed the ordering process, but lacked a story that focused on our customers. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we created our new homepage video. Script Instead of making a basic “how-to” video, we wanted to make something that was more inspirational and persuasive. To ... Leggi di più