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  • GH
    Gary Holle

    Everything I have ordered from Sticker Mule has been great quality. Whether it’s stickers or signs, I will continue to use them in the future.

  • MP
    Mosquito Pirate

    The product is very nice. They packaged it poorly and now many of the signs have lines and creases in them.

  • Tami Lust

    Printing on front and back is great! The printing quality is fantastic. The quality of the sign seems that it will hold up through the elements. As always great experience.

  • K

    Unfortunately these were not what I thought we were buying, we love Sticker Mule but these weren't up to par.

  • KS
    Kara Starr

    These are a great deal. The signs are light weight, easy to put together and stick in the ground. I'm not sure how long they will hold up (just got them today) because they aren't a thick material, but for such a low cost I'm very pleased. I've ordered other things from this company over the last few years and the customer service is top notch.

  • TS
    Timothy Shellans

    These signs are just awesome, thank you Sticker Mule. This is a birthday gift for my girlfriend...I plan on secretly placing these "voter signs" (it's her dog on the sign) around town on her drive to work so she will keep noticing them and giggling/laughing as she drives to work, and on the way home. I will go leave a super positive review now. I wish there were a way to attach a picture, buy perh...

  • BL
    Becky Loughridge

    It was not what I was expecting. I must have read the description wrong because I thought it was a hard, weatherproof sign, not poly (like grocery sacks). I will be careful next time to check the specifications more thoroughly. These are printed out well and will be easy to store. Quality is always great with Sticker Mule.

  • K

    Ordered 50 - they came out nice, but the wind blew away 11 the first day that we put them up! Truly a shame! Hard to recommend since the product (which is not environmentally safe) is gone. Will need to order more from another vendor to replenish the supply we needed. :(

  • EM
    Elaine Major

    The printing is perfect. I was expecting it to be done on corrugated cardboard. It is printed double-sided on plastic. I am not yet sure how these will hold up in the weather. I will have to wait to see if I will re-order more.

  • DR
    David W Rogers

    I was pleased with the quality of the yard signs. I wish they were less costly.